Expect Harsh Penalties After a DWI Conviction

Expect Harsh Penalties After a DWI Conviction

A DWI attorney can help you fight your charges in New Jersey

You probably know that driving under the influence is a very serious charge under New Jersey law. The state is strict about these violations, and you can expect a hefty fine if you're convicted. In addition to fines, you could also find yourself facing:

  • Jail time
  • License suspension
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Court-ordered community service
These consequences are more than just inconveniences-they can seriously affect your future. It's harder to find a job or secure housing with a DWI conviction on your record. Call Comet Law Offices in Teaneck, NJ to talk to a DWI attorney about your case.

Trust a qualified DWI attorney

Comet Law Offices has nearly 30 years of DWI law experience, and we've helped many clients around the state fight DWI charges. When you retain our firm, you can count on us to make your case a top priority. We represent clients throughout New Jersey.

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